Saturday, April 28, 2012

How to install Android 2.3.6(Gingerbread) on samsung galaxy mini or pop(official update)

Hi Friend This post is about Installing android 2.3.6 on galaxy mini
 This is the easiest way for an official upgrade you have to do is just follow the steps provided below: 

First of all download:

1.Download Odin multi-downloader from here

2.Download Tass.ops file from here here

3.Download Android 2.3.6 firmware from here here

and after downloading this file extract it to any location on your computer...
Password is:

Step-1:Boot your device in Download mode by pressing and holding Volume down key,Home button and power button

Step-2: Start Odin multi-downloader 

Step-3 Then Connect your device with computer via USB....and wait till the first bar in odin transforms to yellow colour(this indicates that your device it detected)

Step-4: Click OPS and select TASS_v1.0.ops

Step-5: Check one package on the left side corner of Odin downloader as you can see in image above and select
S5570DDKQ7_S5570ODDKQ6_S5570DDKQ7_HOME.tar.md5 file from the extracted folder

Step-7: Check Auto-reboot,Protect OPS and Reset time

Step-8: Then click start  wait for the installation to complete..........
Then disconnect your device from computer and wait for reboot.......
This was all you have to do and now you have been upgraded to Gingerbread..


  1. This worked perfectly for me! Thanks :)

  2. home.tar.md5 file is not coming in one pacakage when selected plz help...

  3. my phone is rebooting more than one time after downloading plz help......

  4. its already have been 70 minutes and iam still stuck up in setup connection.its not at all installing. plz help

  5. how do i know if the installation is finish?

  6. Before installing Android 2.3.6(Gingerbread), i was using cyanogenmod 10.1. on my samsung galaxy mini/pop. After installing Android 2.3.6 step by step as shown above, every thing was going smooth, but after finishing installation (Pass) in odin, my mobile screen stuck at Samsung logo and just keep rebooting.
    If anybody is having this problem try this method which worked for me. Remove your battery put it aging in mobile, now press "home" button and "Power" button together ,release power button when samsung logo appears, a screen will appear "Android system recovery".Now move down to "wipe data/factory reset" (move 'up' & 'down' using volume rocker button)go to "yes--delete all user" and press home button to confirm the action , now again move down to "wipe cache partition" and press Home button to confirm the action. Now reboot. Hope this help

  7. why its not got stuck in setup connection

  8. how to extract the firmwire? please help.

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  10. hi,

    i have tried to install 2.3.6 on samsung mobile, but unfortunately i have disconnected the device from pc, after that my mobile is not getting turned on. pls help me how to restart my mobile and install 2.3.6 :(

  11. after installing it my usb connect is not working....

  12. hi..Im college student, thanks for sharing :)